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Monday, April 17, 2006
My Art in Easter's Edition of Seattle Times Macy's Ad!
Oy vey. My girlfriend Jeannie called me Sunday (Easter) to ask if my art was in a Macy's ad.

Me: Huh?

Jeannie: Well, it looks like one of your divas. Did you do a diva with a Siamese cat?

Me: *thinking when DON'T I do a painting of a diva with a Siamese cat* Um, yeah. (I am very very articulate.)

Meanwhile, dog pees on couch and son in Easter clothing sits in pee. Son is crying and husband is yelling. Husband is yelling at the dog and I'm sure at me because I'm on the phone and not responding to the emergency situation with rags and soap at hand, and OH! the unsanitary conditions! Couch may have to be destroyed! And his parents are coming! His parents are coming! They will have nowhere to sit! Mass pandemonium and extreme chaos! All because a disgruntled 8 lb dog decides to pee in sheer anger for lack of daily alotted attention (which is pretty much constant) and decides that, hey- A GREAT way to acheive much needed attention is to urinate on the couch. I mean, who DOESN'T pee on couches to get attention? There's been many occasion where I myself have had to resort to this tactic.

Well, I don't know. I would pick up a copy of the Seattle Times and check it out. Because if it isn't your work somebody's in BIG trouble.

So, the in-laws should be here any moment for Easter dinner and I wildly abandon dinner (that I am cooking) and head out to the store. Guess what? It's my art! That's Dandle to the left and Bohemian to the right.

Macy's Seattle Times

Do you like my Jon Bon Jovi haircut? And shouldn't I be rich off this ad? I think so. But sadly, I am not. No, not at all. The only thing I have to show for it is a couch that nobody wants to sit on.

The Macy's ad is fabulous!!

Hope you had a good Easter.

Oh, and I think Lula must be channeling Tiny again...she did the same thing yesterday morning. When questioned, she had the audacity to roll her eyes at me and growl before prancing off with her nose in the air.

1:28 PM  

Well, that is flattering and frustrating. I do suppose on the positive side, it is exposure, even if it is unpaid. Hope you get loads of people asking about your art from the ad! Brandi

4:59 PM  

ohh and is that centerfold? it may not bring loads of money (lol) but its an accomplishment in itself. so step by step, who knows where your art may be seen/ featured next! 8D

12:46 AM  

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